Jam Review: Emily G’s Jams of Love

In my interview with Emily, the lady behind Emily G’s Jam’s of Love, she told me about her Southern roots. When Mike and I tried these three very different jams, we felt like we could taste the Southern flavors that Emily is so passionate about. These jams represent the most delicious parts of Southern cuisines – sweet fruit cobblers, barbeque, grape jelly. We enjoyed these jams very much! Please read on for our tasting notes!

Peach Marmalade

Sight: This jam has a thick solid consistency, full of fruit. Taking your spoon to it, you can slice through the pieces of orange and the thick peach.

Smell: It smells wonderful! It has a rich, fresh smell of peach.

Taste: This jam is full of Southern sweetness. It reminds us of a peach cobbler. The taste of the orange is more muted, but there are distinct pieces of orange peel. We were pleasantly surprised by the delicate taste of ginger that comes through. It provides some balance to the sweetness and rounds out the flavor. We enjoyed how well blended the flavors are. This jam has clearly been cooked for a long time, allowing the various flavors to combine in a lovely way.  All in all, this jam is a treat. It’s like having a little bit of dessert for breakfast.

Roasted Red Pepper

Sight: We liked the flecks of char that come through in the bottle, as do the pepper seeds. The peppers were clearly roasted very carefully, to maintain the integrity of the peppers.  This jam has a rustic, home-made quality. We like how the various parts of the jam making process are visible in the texture of the jam.

Smell: They have a distinct smell of barbeque!

Taste: This was my favorite of the three! It definite has a bit of a kick to it. It has a very strong and rich taste that is so reminiscent of a summer barbeque. It feels like a masculine jam. (See Mike’s other blog: Masculine Cuisine.) Eating it with toast for breakfast in the morning makes you feel like you are having a very substantive meal. It is not a particularly sweet jam, so it can also be used as the base for making a sauce. Mike would love to slather some of this on a chicken sandwich.

Cabernet Sauvignon

Sight: It has the texture and color of the grape jelly we all loved growing up.

Smell: There is a distinct fragrance of wine. It smells like a Cabernet!

Taste: We felt like this is a perfect grape jelly for grown ups.  We also liked how conceptually interesting this jam is. Jam is typically associated with fresh fruit, yet wine is aged. This also means that the grapes in this jam have gone through two stages of transformation. Once in the wine making process and then in the jam making process.

Mike just loved this. He enjoyed the texture and the flavor so much that he didn’t even think about how to combine it with other ingredients. He wanted to enjoy it on its own. He liked the fact that it tastes the way that it looks. It has a dark, mysterious and uniform color. Similar, the texture is smooth. The flavor is rich and gentle. He thought it was a very pleasant jam to take in.

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