Meet the Faces behind Jam Experiments


    This blog was founded back in 2011 by Elizabeth Segran, who, thanks to her love of jam, decided to start writing about her various experiences–tasting, making and experimenting–with it. That’s Elizabeth above.


    Then, after a few years of blogging, meeting jam makers and playing with different jam possibilities, Elizabeth wrote to me–Katy (that’s me, in the photo above; I’m also the blogger behind Dining with Dostoevsky) and asked if I would like to take over the blog. While this may seem like it was all a little out of the blue, Elizabeth, a former college classmate of mine, was assured of my interest in jam when she randomly met me at the Good Food Awards in 2013, where we were both volunteering–Elizabeth as a judge and I as a general helper.


        While I can’t confess to having had a lifelong interest in making jam, jelly and other preserves (I didn’t even make my first jam until I was 27), when I fall for something, I tend to fall hard. And making preserves was no exception. Influenced by my Greek boyfriend and the world of Greek spoon sweets, as well as several brilliant guides to preserving (Kevin West and Diana Henry are two of my biggest muses) and the natural bounty of northern California, I’ve been trying different recipes at home. Through this site, I’m eager to learn and experiment some more (interspersed throughout this introduction are some photos of some of the preserves that have come out of my kitchen; recipes for each can be found on Dining with Dostoevsky).


       To stay true to Elizabeth’s vision, I’m planning on continuing to review products–if you’re interested in my featuring your preserves or company or know of a company that should be featured, please write to me at and I’ll get back to you!–to do some jam maker interviews and, most importantly, to play around with jam, as well as other preserved foods (pickles, chutneys, Greek spoon sweets, shrubs) in the kitchen. I also hope to follow in Elizabeth’s footsteps and to continue to participate in the Good Food Awards and to learn more about the many people who have chosen to explore the craft of making preserves.